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Look Up

It’s easy to hang your head when you’re tired. When we hang our heads, our eyes follow, and our gaze is downcast. It’s easy to stack up what we’re bummed about when we’re looking down.

Light isn’t found looking down.

Look up. Notice light. Look where it’s coming from. Face it. Follow it. Chase it. Let it leak through to the cracks of brokenness and flood the hollow, deep, dark places of who we are. The places that have been bruised and beaten by hurts and cradled in discontentment. Let it leak through and expose the hidden corners shame and pride have convinced us to conceal. Let it illuminate and liberate the shadows that have left their scars. Stored away and hidden protecting who we think we have to be, concealing the overwhelming darkness our downcast souls, in hopes we’ll reflect any glimmer of light around us.

No matter how heavy your head may feel and how low your gaze, there is still hope to be taken hold of. Light comes in the morning, but even here there are constellations to be seen and beauty to be interpreted.

Look up. There is light. Look for it. Face it. Chase it. You are free to live in light. You are free to be fully known. You are free to look up.

Light will surely show us the way and point us to the King.

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it."

John 1:5


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