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About Grace

Hey, welcome! Thanks for stopping by. A little bit about me...I have been born and raised in the midwest with a precious family that has instilled in me the importance of always inviting everyone to the table. I currently work as a host for a live, daily lifestyle show called Living Dayton. Although, by title I am a journalist, my voice is different from many, it is gentle yet passionate, soft yet powerful. My gifts reside in coming alongside individuals and sitting with them in their trials and victories. My greatest mission is to listen to those unheard, empower the powerless and remind every individual of the value of their voice - no matter how soft it may be. The sweet spot of my purpose is as a vessel for the Lord to impact people. I'm in constant pursuit of a gentle and quiet spirit, seeking to live in a stillness that allows His reflection to be seen in me. 

In 2018, I served as Miss Illinois in the Miss America Organization, and competed in the 2019 Miss America Competition. Throughout my year as Miss Illinois, I traveled the state speaking to schools, conferences, civic organizations and churches. Throughout my year of service, God truly sparked my drive to impact. 

As a mentor to high school girls for the past six years, I have witnessed first-hand how difficult and rare real conversations can be. Inspired by a girl I had the honor of getting to know on the corner of a dock, my primary focus speaking was sharing every individual's ability to impact. We are predestined to impact. Every quality we have, even those we often use to disqualify ourselves, are the exact qualities we have been given in order to impact those around us.


I'm a believer in Jesus Christ and find such joy in the daily pursuit of truth. Over the years, coming to know The Lord and His character, I have developed a passion in sharing truth. I long for everyone to know this freedom and everlasting hope.  
I have been writing daily devotions for the past eleven years to over one-hundred recipients each night. I have a passion to continue to share this truth that invites everyone to the table. Daily devotions can also be heard on the local radio station, Christian FM 95.3. 


I began a relationship with Jesus through a non-denominational, international Christian organization called Young Life. I served as a Young Life leader throughout my four years of college, where I experienced the truth, "I found my life when I laid it down". I have volunteered at Young Life camps the past four summers. This last summer I served at The Malibu Club tucked away in the Princess Louisa Inlet in British Columbia, Canada. I was a certified operator for the Zip Line Canopy Tour, Tree Swing and High Ropes Course. I led a group of college-age and high school-age volunteers on running these challenge course and facilitating camp-wide events. I also led tours around camp to yachters stopping by, did guest services administration work and digitalized all inspection documents.  One very unique aspect of Malibu is the only way to arrive on this Holy rock is by boat or sea plane. 


Another very unique experience that shaped me profoundly, was my time studying abroad in New Zealand. It may be obvious that I am a true adventure-seeker. I keep my heart and mind hungry for growth in the lifelong, challenging pursuit of making places of discomfort my wheelhouse. 

All in all, I am a Daughter of the One true King, a family-oriented triplet, a Jesus-rooted catalyst of impact, a dreamer and doer, a mentor, deep thinker, light chaser, table setter, trail-mix lover, health and fitness guru. 

I believe in always trying to consider value before considering cost in every part of life.

I believe in the power of speaking truth in love, loving all people in the Name of Jesus.

I believe every person has the ability and responsibility to notice and love every individual in the corner of their lives.

And I believe, if you want to change the world, go home, and love your family. 

Thanks for loving me well with your time and interest, I hope to do the same through sharing consistent reminders of what truly matters. I'm in your corner!

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