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Life lessons from the salad bar

You know when you go to a salad bar, it’s stocked with all the options: from veggies, to fancy little salads, to an array of cheeses and proteins? It can be a little overwhelming with so much to choose from.

One time I was making my way through the salad bar, there was a line on each side with their own variety of options depending on which side you were on. As I was going through, I had my eye on the other side the whole time. I really just wanted all the options that were over there, on the other side, out of reach. I was discontent with everything that was right in front of me because I was so consumed with what was on the other side.

How often do we do the same thing in life that we do at the salad bar?

Let’s not be so consumed with all that we don’t have, and miss what’s right in front of us.

If you’re looking for all that’s missing, you’ll find it.

But try looking beneath your nose at all that’s in front of you. There’s good here too. Let’s look for it.

Maybe the day-to-day things were meant to teach us more...Maybe you’ll see a salad bar a little differently from here on out.


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