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Expectation Determines Experience

When you receive Jesus and welcome the Holy Spirit in your heart, God dwells in you. It’s as if every part of your life is a room in your house. And we get so torn between the flesh and spirit that we tend to lock some doors and only trust ourselves with access. But these are the rooms that grow the most dust and dimness. We let the components of these rooms grow as well as expire and rot, yet we protect them so carefully. But these rooms overtime develop clutter and an odor that begins to seep out of the doorways of those rooms and flowing into the rest of the house. It begins to devalue the entire house.

Jesus is just sitting outside the locked doors...He’s got boxes and dust pans ready to clean out these rooms. And He knows exactly what He plans to swap out the old for the new and the worn for the eternal.

When we lock Jesus out of these rooms, it impacts the whole house...when we lock Jesus out of these rooms it impacts every aspect of your life. He wants to show you and give you the best way of life, but in order to do that He needs full access. Which parts of our life do we keep off limits to God? What is behind the locked doors?

“And in him you too are being built together to become a dwelling in which God lives by his Spirit.”

Ephesians 2:22

We cannot limit God. We cannot contain or confine Him in just one part of our life. He wants all of you, exactly as you are.


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