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If you are in the field of making truth known and finding the sweetest joys of life in giving, you are qualified to be a world changer. You have the power to make a difference in someone's life. You don't need any type of qualification to lead, love and serve people well. All you need is a passion for loving people as they are. Our world is desperate for love and truth and you have the opportunity to be a spring of just that. All it takes is to recognize the gifts, skills, hobbies you enjoy, reach out to the need you notice and through using your gifts to serve, we can rise together


Reach Out 

Reach out to peers, family, friends and decide to take on life together. Whether that means meeting up for lunch once a week or even just having a phone call on a consistent basis with the same person. It does not matter if you are sixty-five years old or seven years-old. We all have an opportunity and responsibility to build and refine each other. This builds a stable relationship. We are all in need of stable relationships, but it only takes one to truly have an influence on your life. It only takes one person to hold each other to a higher standard of life. That can look like being held accountable, being listened to or encouraged, or just the power of someones presence. Reach out and find someone to take on life with and commit to standing by each other and committing to walking through life together. 


When we commit to doing life with someone and commit to holding someone to truth, we are agreeing not to a curriculum but to an "iron sharpens iron" relationship. When we hold each other to the standard of our greatest potential, we rise. Not just one, but both. We rise together. When we decide to share our influence, it does not stop with one person, it becomes a daily mission. It becomes our natural ambition to not just share truth with one designated person, but everyone. And those that experience the truth you share just by the way you live and love, will catch on to the trend. They too, will desire to rise, and to rise together. 


If you would like help getting started, I have listed a couple ways for you to start sharing your influence:


  • Volunteers of America 

    • Volunteers of America is a service ministry that empowers individuals to make a difference, while helping them reach their full potential. This non-profit organization calls every individual into action to reach those who have yet to be reached as well as those standing beside us in our own communities. I am very excited to have built a curriculum to help individuals rise together by recognizing their gifts and using them to reach out to those in need. The curriculum is based on the values of Volunteers of America. 

  • Young Life  

    • Young Life is an international non-denominational Christian organization. It is a ministry that focuses on reaching high school and middle school students right where they are. Leaders get to play a very special role in students life and each year get to lead students to a Young Life camp. It is the organization that I grew up in and it ​is through Young Life that I met Jesus. 

  • Girls on the Run

    • Girls on the Run is a learning program for 8 to 13 year old girls through a conversation-oriented, life-skill and running program. It teaches girls how to create all around healthy lifestyles that culminates in a celebratory 5k at the end of the curriculum. You can apply to be a coach or an assistant coach. Coaches have the opportunity to lead these girls with the curriculum as well as in a transforming relational way. 

  • Propel Women

    • Propel as promoted, " exists to help activate, connect and equip​ you to fulfill your God-given passion, potential and purpose". Propel is such a sweet way to cultivate a community with your peers. Choose a few friends to plant and grow a chapter where you are. Or you can find your nearest chapter to you!

Sharing Truth

"For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many."

Matthew 20:28

"But many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first."

Matthew 19:30

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