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2020: Even Here

My words of 2020: Even Here

Here’s to all the growth, grace, and new rhythms we’ve found in the unexpected unraveling of our norms and discovered that even here, we’re still ok.

Even here, all the goodbyes, missing and growing pains made plenty of room for new hellos, becoming and narrowing in on what matters and lasts.

It’s been a year easy to watch the enemy instead of Jesus...easy to watch all the ways satan has tattered and torn our calendars and expectations, but then missing all the hope and miracles Jesus filled in this trip around the sun.

This year has sifted through and tamed all the commotion of life to, at times an uncomfortable stillness, and given us the space to reevaluate the craziness we stack our days, weeks and months with and allowed us to reconsider what we run back to...

Its been a year thats challenged our calendars, language and comfort zones because when the going gets tough, we get tougher...between the deep sighs snd exhales, our new reality has evolved our “can’t” to “how can we”...finding new ways to make life happen.

Even here, there is good if we’re willing to be where our feet are and fight for it.

So here’s to the year that chiseled and shaped who we are and progressed who we're becoming, and required each of us to actively choose, day after day, to make this version of life worth living.

Because, even here, there is purpose. Even here, there is joy.

Even here, there is hope.

Even here, there is space to celebrate what has been and wait on the edge of our seats in eager anticipation for what will be.

Even here.


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