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Beauty is a funny thing. It's incredible subjective yet something we all go great length to attain. I have gone back and forth for many many years deciding how I define beauty for myself and our world's view of beauty has skewed my own perception of myself. 

Being involved in pageants as such an image-based industry has caused me to be critical of myself in many ways. 

I've really held tightly to the verse "She is clothed with strength and dignity and can laugh without fear of the future"

Dignity: worthy of honor and respect

We are worthy of honor and respect even when our feet have just hit the floor and our bedhead is one for the books. We are worthy of honor and respect when we've just had a non-stop day and our look shows we've been throughout it and we likely got dressed with the lights off and its obvious. 

We are worthy of honor and respect. We are clothed with it. 

I found some of 

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